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Author Topic: ezPortal - Getting Started! Part #1 - 2  (Read 16523 times)

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ezPortal - Getting Started! Part #1 - 2
« on: May 11, 2010, 08:39:32 am »
Getting Started! Part #1

First I'd like to say that ezPortal System works as a portal that will or can surround your SMF (Simple Machines Forum) Forum with many useful tools, that will bring your forum community alive with user friendly features; Left, Right, Top and Bottom Blocks, enabling you to add very useful content, menus, statistics, quick recent topic updates, custom block for PHP, HTML, Add blocks, RSS News feeds to add free content to your site, Shout Box, Announcements and much more!

Note: there are many low cost web hosting packages that will include a System called Simple Scripts (Automated Click and Install Script system) that will give you the control MySql data base installation at a click of the mouse and installs the SMF system in just a few minutes... This is great for those whom are new to all this stuff...
Once it completes the install, it will give you all the log-in information you need and links to go to the new forum you just created and the admin log-in page. ( Make sure you right down ) or copy and paste this information to a secured file or memory stick. Before you do anything else!

If you want to install it yourself, you should have experience and know what you are doing before starting. ( and still it's not hard to do with the correct information in hand), the SMF Install.php, will walk you through the installation process! just fill in the blanks..

You need a Website and the Website root access
You'll need an Mysql database and the log-in information and setup information to this before started!

To start you will need to download and install the SMF Forums system to your domain root or a specified directory. ( there are several ways to do this) assuming you have some experience at this?

Once one of the above installation have been completed or done, Check out you go to your Admin panel and get to know your way around the SMF forum and how it works, The SMF forum have a complete and very helpful "Help" system that guides you through the learning process.

Now once this is done the you should be ready to download and install the ezPortal package, from this site.

Coming up next installing the ezPortal system package to your SMF form!>>

Offline Maxx

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Re: ezPortal - Getting Started! Part #2
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2010, 03:27:56 pm »
ezPortal getting started Part #2

Please Note before you start, that all packages should always be installed using the default core theme! (I'll talk more about themes later on!).

Now that you have installed your SMF forum and found your way around and got to know how it operates you should now be ready to download and Install your ezPortal System package.

Please visit this link: http://www.ezportal.com/index.php?action=downloads;cat=1
and Down load the ezPortal version your want to install. ( the

file is in a ZIP compressed form or state "zip", you will need to leave it that way)! Hint down load this file to your computer desk top or a file you can easily find!

To start go to your Admin section and click on "Packages" from you Main Menu> under 

Package Manager, you'll find a link "Download packages"> Click this link and it
will open a new window> Go down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Browse" button> then you may click and open the ezPortal zip file you had just saved to your desktop> You will be asked if you want to install this package and you will click Yes!

Now the SMF system will upload this package to your Forum.
After it completes the upload process, it will ask if you want to install this package

you will again answer Yes by clicking the relevant button.

Your system will evaluate (SMF 2 RC3) the package and see if it's the correct package (in most case) and let you know by not showing errors. If the file package is corrupted it will also let you know >!<

If all goes well you will see a list of all the ezPortal files that are and will be

installed in to your SMF forum, If you get a warning, you should not install this package and re-check your SMF version and or installation to see if all is comparable, or seek help!

If you have no errors or warnings then go ahead and do the installation and wait for it to complete (do not interrupt the process)!
It will let you know and redirect you when it has finished successfully.

Now you should be ready to setup your ezPortal system and ezBlocks!

More to come >> soon!


Offline Maxx

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Re: ezPortal - Getting Started! Part #1 - 2
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2012, 02:40:57 pm »
Always do a complete site backup via FTP and database back up via your SMF admin management controls.

OK... As far as the SMF version references above, they should all be note at version. 2.0.2 and SMF update VIA FTP has become easier than ever to accomplish. and the ezPortal still works great with this current version and the most all updated themes out there!

Before Updating I would highly recommend that you go through and sort our what ever mods are or really necessary to you community, and visit the SMF or 3rd party mod site and see if they have current and or compatible updated to these mods. (this goes For themes as well), and there are many very nice free and professionally done themes available for the current SMF version. I make some myself>

As a personal Note I have not seen any Mod yet that can not do without! Most are nice to have but not always needed. there are still many that are up to date are very helpful.

Now 3rd party Mods are a different story, if you are updating, You should un install all mods, before doing the SMF update and the Themes should also be consider before this action is taken.

Now after you do your SMF update, You can go to the package section of the admin and find what Mod and that, you may try to reinstall.

If you notice on the right hand side of the Mod it should say [install] if so you may try to install it, but PLEASE NOTE if you get any red errors, Do not proceed with that installation!

I would now go through and un install all old mods and themes and delete them from the packages and theme control sections of the control panel.

Once everything is checked out run, you may want to, run the Forum maintenance and process and cleanup!

If you have doubts, please ask someone here, there or wherever your Forum, Mods and or themes came from! and there are those out there for a small fee will do these  things for you, if need be!



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