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Title: Welcome to EzPortal!
Post by: EzPortal on October 12, 2008, 07:30:25 pm
Welcome to EzPortal!
EzPortal is a complete Portal and Webpage system for SMF.
EzPortal allows you to create Homepage with ezColumns and ezBlocks.

EzBlocks can contain anything either html or php code.  They can be turned on or off, custom title's, membergorup permissions, visible options (by action,or forum board and even custom actions can be added), can be collapsed or not by default.

Custom ezBlocks can also be created a sample ezBlock is include in the ezportal/blocks folder of your install. This allows you to create your own creations and share them with other's easily. ezBlocks support unlimited number of parameters for PHP based blocks.

Also EzPortal has a built in webpage editor which allows you to create extra page's for your SMF site which retain the same look and feel of your forum.

Future Updates:
Adding columns
A ton more ezBlock's to use with your forum!
Support for SMF 2.0

We hope you enjoy ezPortal and are working on many more updates to come!

EzPortal Team