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Title: EzPortal 0.2.6 Update!
Post by: EzPortal on February 15, 2009, 08:50:53 pm
EzPortal 0.2.6 Update!

!Fixed issue in SMF 2.0.x with adding a shout showing a template error and a language error if spam protection is enabled.
+Added option in shoutbox to hide member name says
+Added option to hide delete option in the shoutbox for admin's
+Added option to the shoutbox to set the number of items shown per page in the shoutbox history
!Made the textarea on the shoutbox ezBlock expand to the full width of the ezBlock in cases of where the shoutbox is centered.
+Added option to hide the preview image on the theme select ezBlock
+Added option to the Board News EzBlock to control the number of characters shown on a news post.
!Fixed bug in random SMF Gallery Random Image ezBlock was not using the number of random images to show parameter